Why I’m So Geeked Out Over the New Star Wars Movie

I remember the first time I saw Star Wars. I had spent the night with a friend of mine that lived in the Mobile Home park next to our house. His family had this crazy new technology called Cable Television and a new channel called HBO (Home Box Office). I remember watching intently this incredible movie of good vs. evil. From then on, every stick was a light saber or a laser gun. If only I had the collection of Star Wars Action Figures, Vehicles and Playsets that I owned, I probably could retire. (Maybe not, but I wish I still had my Millennium Falcon…they are turning those things into sweet bass guitars…but I digress.)


My Dad took me to the old Oaklawn theater to see “The Empire Strikes Back” when it came out. If I wasn’t already, I was hooked. Now, fast forward 35 years, and there is a new movie, “The Force Awakens,” coming out in December. Last night, I set my DVR to record a meaningless (to me anyway) Monday Night Football game just so I wouldn’t miss the trailer for the new movie. After the trailer premiered, I got online and ordered my tickets for opening night.Why is a 42 year old man so geeked out about a science fiction movie?

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Understanding Social Security

Over 59 million people today receive some form of Social Security benefits, including approximately 38 million individuals age 65 or older. (Source: Fast Facts & Figures About Social Security, 2011) But Social Security is more than just a retirement program. Its scope has expanded to include other benefits as well, such as disability, family, and survivor’s benefits.

How does Social Security work?

The Social Security system is based on a simple premise: Throughout your career, you pay a portion of your earnings into a trust fund by paying Social Security or self-employment taxes. Your employer, if any, contributes an equal amount. In return, you receive certain benefits that can provide income to you when you need it most–at retirement or when you become disabled, for instance. Your family members can receive benefits based on your earnings record, too. The amount of benefits that you and your family members receive depends on several factors, including your average lifetime earnings, your date of birth, and the type of benefit that you’re applying for.

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