How To Instantly Replace Your SSA-1099


Beginning this tax season, you won’t have to wait for the mail or at the local Social Security office if you’ve misplaced your SSA-1099.  This form can now be easily printed from your home.  The only requirement…you must have a My SSA Account.  Sounds like another great reason to sign up!  To see a few other reasons read our article on the My SSA Account 

To set up your online Social Security account, visit


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Married More Than Once? It’s Time to Review Your Social Security Benefit

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Want to save a ton of money? Check your Social Security statement.

Two years ago, I helped a friend claim lots of money she didn’t know was rightfully hers, just by making her aware of a benefit she should have been receiving all along….if only she’d known how the Social Security system worked.

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What’s Next For Social Security? …how about a $115 Billion Cut

Benefits and welfare concept.

What’s the hottest topic in Washington?

Behind universal health care, you can argue that it’s how to reduce spending and lower the deficit.  Congressmen and lobbyists have thrown out many proposals, and it appears that even Social Security Benefits may not be immune to cutbacks. There is one proposal that we thought was dead…but now appears to be gaining steam. It might not ever pass, but it should be on your radar.

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Social Security Benefits and Filing Ages


You’ve probably noticed that your Social Security benefits statement has a section with estimated benefit amounts.  Most likely, for those born between 1943 and 1954, you’ll see an estimated payment amount at age 62, 66 and 70.  While it’s common knowledge that you’ll receive less at 62 than you would at 66…have you ever wondered how it’s calculated?    I think it’s important to know.  Understanding how Social Security benefits are impacted by filing early – or for filing later – is crucial when building a Social Security filing plan.

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