How to Avoid Making A $100,000 Mistake When You Apply for Social Security

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$100,000 is a lot of money to anyone.  So most people are surprised to hear that at least that amount in benefits could hinge on how much you know when you apply for Social Security. 

In the years that I have helped clients with retirement planning the number one question that I am asked about Social Security is “what age should I file?” Mostly this is looked at as a multiple choice question with only three possible answers. Should it be age 62, 66 or 70?

Sorry, but that’s the wrong question.  In fact, it could be none of the above.

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Even Smart People Make This Estate Planning Mistake


Your kiddos…you love them but are you ready to hand over a huge chunk of cash when they turn 18?

Although some parents do, the majority would likely tell you that they are not comfortable with their children having access to a large sum of money.  At least until the parents know that their child is responsible with their money. 

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