Should you file for Social Security Disability or Retirement?  3 Things to Consider


I’ve seen lots of people file for Social Security Retirement benefits when they should have filed for Social Security Disability benefits.

If you are disabled and close to 62 years old (or give advice to those individuals), you need to read this post.  The rest of your life is a long time to be stuck with a bad filing decision.

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Social Security Redo: For Those Who Have Recently Filed


Over the past few years Social Security consulting has become a large part of my practice.  I’ll often meet with individuals who have already filed for Social Security and now realize they’ve made a mistake.

Their question is always the same.  “Is it too late to change how I filed?”  Thankfully, the Social Security Administration has a clear-cut set of rules on modifying your filing strategy.

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3 Reasons You Should NOT Make Extra Mortgage Payments


Everybody who has a mortgage dreams of the day when he can pay it off.  Although I cannot personally attest to owning a home outright, I certainly can imagine what it will feel like to send that last payment to the mortgage company.  I am looking forward to the day; however, I am in no hurry to accelerate that process.  Why?  Let’s look at some reasons.

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