The 3 Easiest Ways To Get Answers to Your Social Security Questions

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Getting answers to your Social Security questions can be really difficult.

I’ve talked to many individuals who have nearly given up in frustration and just accepted what they were being told (even if it didn’t make sense). One client, Mr. Brewer, really stands out in my memory. He’d been looking for answers for a long time and had just returned from the local Social Security office. He was red-faced angry! “Devin, why is Social Security so &#%!@ complicated?”

Thankfully, he wasn’t directing his anger at me but at an almost incomprehensible set of Social Security rules.

Why It’s So Difficult to Get Answers

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Big Picture Retirement Planning Class

At Texarkana College

If you’re seeking practical and applicable insight on retirement planning, this workshop is for you!

Who should attend?

Anyone who is preparing to retire soon and wants professional advice in crafting a well thought-out retirement strategy.

Understanding the big picture is critical when planning for a successful retirement. The proper integration of tax, legal, healthcare and income planning is necessary in a successful retirement strategy. During this 3 night event, we’ll dig beneath the surface to discuss those items with a team of local professionals including a CPA, Financial Advisor, Estate Planning Attorney, and Medicare expert.

We’ll discuss

-How to effectively coordinate your retirement income streams

-How to maximize your after-tax income through creative tax strategies

-How to make the best decision on Social Security

-How to make sense of your healthcare coverage options

-How to make sure retirement assets and income is legally protected

-The right way to plan your estate

-How to sort through all of the conflicting investment advice

At the conclusion, we’ll leave plenty of time for questions.

Join us as we explore retirement planning like you’ve never heard before.

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Teacher’s Retirement: 3 Reasons It’s Different

If you’ve been teaching for long, you’ve probably become an expert in planning ahead. It’s a good thing you’ve developed this skill because you’re going to need it as you start getting closer to retirement.

a teachers retirement is different

Teacher’s retirement planning can appear deceptively simple; you have a teacher’s pension and the option of an additional savings plan like a 403B. At face value, it seems that these simplified options should reduce your decisions and make the retirement planning process easier.  But teachers have a unique retirement scenario that is much deeper than it appears on the surface.

Here are 3 reasons why your retirement situation is different than most of your non-educator friends.

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