Get Organized: How To Improve Your Chances For A Successful Retirement

Get financially organized

One of the biggest hurdles to a successful retirement is financial organization. It’s easy for account statements, legal forms and other important documents to pile up in some hidden away desk or drawer. Before long, things are messy. Not just physically messy, but mentally messy too.

Before you can accurately plan for an awesome retirement, you need to clean this mess up. Having a clear system will help make all of your life easier.  It might take a little effort, but it will save you so much time and energy in the future.

Here’s how to get your finances organized in seven doable steps:

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Video: How To Calculate Spousal Benefits (the RIGHT way)

Social Security Spousal Benefits really aren’t that hard to calculate. However, they are just a little deeper than some of the stuff I see floating around on the internet.

The cases that are most often misunderstood are those where a lower earning spouse will collect benefits from his/her work record and an additional amount for a spousal benefit.

Here’s a video where I discuss the steps to calculating this “dual entitlement” of both types of benefits.


The 9 Social Security Basics That EVERYONE Should Know

Podcast Episodes Part 1 & 2

If you read many of the articles I write, you’ve probably noticed that I put a lot of emphasis on understanding the basics. Why? It’s the foundation! It’s what gives us the ability to spot mistakes, errors and general screw-ups before they turn into big problems.

Recently, on the Big Picture Retirement podcast we spent two entire episodes talking about Social Security basics.

Here are the episodes:

Part 1: The 9 Social Security Basics That EVERYONE Should Know

Social Security is a lot easier to understand if you know about 9 basic concepts.  In this episode we discuss these four topics:

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