Even Smart People Make This Estate Planning Mistake


Your kiddos…you love them but are you ready to hand over a huge chunk of cash when they turn 18?

Although some parents do, the majority would likely tell you that they are not comfortable with their children having access to a large sum of money.  At least until the parents know that their child is responsible with their money. 

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How To Instantly Replace Your SSA-1099


Beginning this tax season, you won’t have to wait for the mail or at the local Social Security office if you’ve misplaced your SSA-1099.  This form can now be easily printed from your home.  The only requirement…you must have a My SSA Account.  Sounds like another great reason to sign up!  To see a few other reasons read our article on the My SSA Account 

To set up your online Social Security account, visit www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount.


See full transcript of press release below:

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Stacking Benjamins Your New Addiction?

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on one of the top rated investment/finance podcasts.  While the topic – Social Security – will not be a surprise to any of my followers, this show is still a must listen even if this isn’t the episode for you.  Forget the heavy language and jargon,  Stacking Benjamins is a story-telling site.  They share fresh thoughts on recent financial news reported in the media. In a world of hard-hitting, deep-thought financial stories, Stacking Benjamins goal is lighter, more relaxed entertainment about money.

You’ll love it!

Stacking Benjamins

What’s Fueling the Drop in Oil Prices?

How long will it last? Who wins & loses from it?

Provided by Devin Carroll

On the New York Mercantile Exchange, a barrel of light sweet crude is currently worth well under $60. Prices have dropped more than 25% in a month and almost 45% year-over-year. What is behind this freefall? How long will prices keep dropping, and who does this development hurt and benefit?1

Oil prices haven’t cratered simply because of lessening demand. Make no mistake, waning demand is a major factor – and in its latest 2015 forecast, the International Energy Agency projected global demand for crude weakening further. But this is just part of the story.2

Saudi Arabia has made a punitive political move. It is the big player among OPEC nations, and it sees no

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How to Keep Holiday Spending Under Control

Keeping Holiday Spending Under Control

What little steps can you take to keep from getting carried away? —Provided by Devin Carroll

You’ve seen the footage on the news. You’ve been in the middle of it. You’ve stood in the vexing lines. You’ve circled for the elusive parking spots. Holiday shopping can be downright frenzied – and impulsive.

You don’t necessarily need to go to the mall to feel the pressure and the urges – a half-hour with your laptop or tablet can put you in the same frame of mind.

But how do you keep your spending under control, whether in a brick and mortar store or at home? Here are some tips.

Make a plan. Most people do their holiday shopping without one. Set a dollar limit that you can spend per week – and try to spend less than that. As you plan your financial life – and check on your plan every few days – you may feel a little less stressed this holiday season. In fact, you might want to make two budgets – one for shopping, the other for entertaining.

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