Amount of Taxable SS Income vs. Taxable Income

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linrin asked 2 months ago

On page 19 of your Social Security pdf, you have the example of the married couple with $62K of provisional income. In your chart, the last column is titled, ‘Amount of taxable SS Income’. For this couple, it is $21,300.

Would the $21,300 be their taxable income (less any deductions they might be able to take), for the year. Or does this mean they will be taxed on $21,300 at some social security rate? Then they would also have to pay taxes on the same amount at their tax bracket rate? I’m a bit confused as to how that works. Thank you.

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Devin Carroll answered 2 months ago

Hi linrin,

The $21,300 is simply the amount of their Social Security that will be taxable. This amount will be added to their total taxable income for the year and taxed at whatever rate they are subject to.

Since I’ve published that guide, I’ve made a video that may interest you. Social Security Tax: Step by Step Guide