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Turk17 asked 7 months ago

i am a step grandparent of my 14 year old step grand-daughter. Before my husand passed away February 2007 we got guardianship in 2005.due to both parents being unfit. My husband daughter signed consent for me to adopt my step grand-daughter February 19th 2012. My lawyer also drawed up papers for the father to sign but the father refused to sign the papers. August 19,2017 my step grand-daughter’s father passed away. As of now i have permanent custody of my step grand-daughter. I am 109 % disable I get SSI. My question is will i get any benefits i am her sole care taker..

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Devin Carroll answered 6 months ago

First, please understand that the best person to answer this question is a good family law attorney. I don’t mind telling you what I think, but it shouldn’t be your final answer.

In order for your step granddaughter to receive Social Security benefits, both of the parents will have to be deceased or disabled or you have to be the adoptive parent.

As it stands currently, I do not think your step granddaughter would be eligible for benefits.

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