Judy asked 2 months ago

My daughter lived with us for nearly 30 years. During that time, she became disabled and went on ss disability. Then she contracted cancer and fought this for about 5 years. She lost her battle this year. Her son, 13, is with us. His dad does not want custody. (They were never married) Her disability benefit was $808.00 after medicare was taken out. SS has awarded her son $606.00 each month. We are on social security, as we are 76 and 77. Should we file for any benefits, or are there any available? Thank you.

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Devin Carroll answered 2 months ago

Hi Judy,

There could be some benefits available, but I’d strongly encourage you to discuss this with an attorney who specializes in family law.

There are benefits available to dependent grandchildren if:

1) They are your dependent.

2) BOTH parents are deceased or disabled.


You are the legally adoptive parent of the grandchild.

Your case needs legal attention, but it may well be worth it! For more information, read an article that I wrote on this topic titled Social Security Benefits for Grandchildren