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Kbro61 asked 7 months ago

Hello, i am 56 years old and have been paying into the social security system for 23 years, i also worked for a school district for 15 years. I changed jobs where i now pay into the system again, i will stay here until i retire at 67 yrs of age, will i be eliminated from the windfall then?Kay Brock

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Devin Carroll answered 7 months ago

Hi Kay,

One of the few methods for sidestepping the Windfall Elimination Provision is the "30 Years of Substantial Earnings" requirement. So, you may not be subject to the penalty if you had 30 years of social security covered earnings that were high enough.

The question you probably have is, "just how much does it require to meet the definition of ‘substantial’ earnings?" The SSA publishes a piece that discusses this but I’ll post the chart below.