Top 7 Social Security Tools for Public Servants

social security tools for public servants

Over the past few years I’ve produced a lot of content that covers the complicated Social Security rules for educators and other public servants. Now, as my website has experienced massive growth, the content I’ve created can be hard to find. It occurred to me the other day that I should build a one-stop article that has links to some of my most read and requested material in this area.

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1-Social Security for Educators (and other public servants)

This is the first, and most widely read article that broadly covers the topic of Social Security benefits for individuals with a non- covered pension (from a job where no SS tax was paid). This article has an overview of who is affected by the additional Social Security rules, the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset.

2-The Best Explanation of the Windfall Elimination Provision

Once you’ve read the first article, the broad overview, you’ll probably want to read a more in-depth explanation. This article discussed the phase-out of the WEP and gives calculations for how the WEP is calculated if you file early/later.

3-What You Should Know About The Government Pension Offset

The Government Pension Offset (GPO) is something that everyone should be familiar with if they have a pension from non-covered work. This is one of the nastiest offsets to Social Security that I know of. In this article we discuss the mechanics of the GPO, and the two methods for getting around this horrific rule.

4-The Windfall Elimination Provision Repeal: What You Should Know

It’s likely you’ve heard the talk. The Windfall Elimination Provision could be going away. It’s been talked about before, but this time it got really close. Find out what you should know about this rule could change here.

5-ORP and Social Security

Most public servants don’t have access to an “optional retirement plan.” However, for those who do, this article is must-read!

The timing of distributions from the ORP plan, could have a big impact on the amount of Social Security benefits you receive.

6-Video: Social Security for Public Servants

This video contains the same presentation that I’ve given for hundreds of participants. For some, this format is easier to follow than the articles above. If you want to be completely informed about the issues we are discussing in the video, I recommend you watch my Social Security Basics video first.

7-Video: The “Why” Behind The Weird Social Security Rules Public Servants)

Not everyone wants to know the “why” behind these crazy rules. But for those who do, this video breaks down what our lawmakers were thinking when they enacted these rules.

I hope these resources are valuable for your retirement planning needs. If you need more assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

the heros penalty book about wep and gpo

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