Social Security Statements Return! …but not for everyone

Although the Social Security Administration recently announced that they will resume mailing estimated benefits statements, that only applies to certain individuals. Most individuals will not receive a statement every year.  Watch this short video to find out when you can expect to receive your next Social Security statement.

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A few weeks ago, the Social Security Administration announced that it will resume mailing estimated benefit statements to most workers every five years. In mid-2011 the agency stopped mailing annual benefit statements as a cost-saving measure. It saved the government about $70 million annually in printing and postage but the budget-cutting move proved unpopular and Congress passed a bill last year requiring Social Security to resume mailing the statements.
So, beginning in September of 2014, workers attaining ages 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 who are not receiving Social Security benefits and who have not registered for a My Social Security online account will receive a statement in the mail about three months before their birthday. After age 60, people will receive a statement every year.
You can avoid the wait by signing up for a My Social Security account. Once you do, you’ll be able to quickly download your latest earnings history and benefits estimate. To date, more than 15 million people have set up a personalized My Social Security account. Still, that represents only about 11% of American workers.
To create a My Social Security account, visit SSA.Gov/myaccount. You’ll need to provide a Social Security number, mailing address and a valid e-mail address. You’ll also need to be able to answer questions that only you are likely to know and it needs to match the information on file with Social Security.
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