Making Sense of the SS Acronyms

list of social security acronyms

The Social Security Administration LOVES to use acronyms. I’m sure you’ll agree if you’ve ever received a letter from them or spent much time on their website.

SS Acronyms like PIA, DIB, RIB & MOET probably makes sense to the people who use these terms every day, but for most of us…it’s gibberish. However, if you want to take control of your social security filing plan, you may need to familiarize yourself with some of these. Here they are alphabetically.

AARFAdditional Adjusted Reduction Factor
ABOAdjusted Blind Onset
AEROAutomatic Earnings Reappraisal Operation
AIMEAverage Indexed Monthly Earnings
AJSAutomated Job Stream
AJS-1Automated Job Stream AERO
AJS 3Automated Job Stream Earnings Enforcement
AMEAverage Monthly Earnings
AMWAverage Monthly Wage
ARFAdjusted Reduction Factor
BRIBenefit Rate Increase
CEXMARCurrent Excess Money Amount of Reduction
CFMCombined Family Maximum
CMARCurrent Money Amount of Reduction
CMBACurrent Monthly Benefit Amount
COLACost-of-Living Adjustment
CPIConsumer Price Index
CPIACurrent Primary Insurance Amount
CREXCurrent Reduced Excess
CSCivil Service
CSACivil Service Annuity
CSAMTCivil Service Amount
CSAMTEFFDTCivil Service Amount Effective Date
CSAWDTECivil Service Award Date
CSCANCivil Service Claim Number
CSDOECivil Service Date of Eligibility
CSRSCivil Service Retirement System
CSWEPCivil Service Windfall Elimination Provision
CURCurrent Unreduced Rate
CUREXCurrent Unreduced Excess
CYComputation Years
DIBDisability Insurance Benefit
DMDivisor Months
DMAXDisability Family Maximum
DNHDeceased Number Holder
DOEDFirst Month of Entitlement to DIB
DOLDepartment of Labor
DRCDelayed Retirement Credit
DWBDisabled Widow(er) Benefits
ECModernized Claim System Earnings Computation
EPEExtended Period of Eligibility
FCERFull Claims Earnings Record
FECAFederal Employees’ Compensation Act
FERSFederal Employees’ Retirement System
FMAXFamily Maximum
FRAFull Retirement Age
GPOGovernment Pension Offset
ICFInteractive Computation Facility
IEDSIndependently Entitled Divorced Spouse
LSDPLump Sum Death Payment
MARMoney Amount of Reduction
MBAMonthly Benefit Amount
MBCMonthly Benefit Credited
MBPMonthly Benefit Payable
MCSModernized Claim System
MEFMaster Earnings File
MFBMaximum Family Benefit
MOETMonth of Entitlement
MQGEMedicare Qualified Government Employee
MSSRMinimum Sole Survivor Rate
NEXMARNew Excess Money Amount of Reduction
NMARNew Money Amount of Reduction
NMBANew Monthly Benefit Amount
NHNumber Holder
NPIANew Primary Insurance Amount
NSNew Start
NURNew Unreduced Rate
NUREXNew Unreduced Excess
OARFOriginal Additional Reduction Factor
OBOriginal Benefit
OPMOffice of Personnel Management
ORFOriginal Reduction Factor
OSOld Start
PDMPermanent Deduction Month
PEBESPersonal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement
PIAPrimary Insurance Amount
PIBPrimary Insurance Benefit
PIFCPrimary Insurance Amount Factor Code
POSPost Entitlement Online System
QCQuarter of Coverage
RFReduction Factor
RIBRetirement Insurance Benefit
RRBRailroad Retirement Board
SCMAXSaving Clause Maximum
SGASubstantial Gainful Activity
SMISupplementary Medical Insurance
SSNSocial Security Number
TSPThrift Savings Plan
WC/PDBWorkers’ Compensation/Public Disability Benefit
WEPWindfall Elimination Provision
WIBWidow(er)’s Insurance Benefit
WINDEXWidow(er)’s Indexing
YOCYear of Coverage

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